Generative AI Disclosure

Diamond Dan Publications uses Generative AI tools to create all of the abstract geological backgrounds in our website banners and ads. The images were first created in batches with Stable Diffusion using the prompt:

Craft a subtle abstract background reminiscent of the gradual diffusion of minerals in geological formations, embodying the intricate layers of knowledge within the realm of mineralogy and earth science publications. Let the gentle blending of hues and delicate patterns symbolize the complex interplay of elements and the rich depth of understanding waiting to be unearthed.

This prompt was refined with the help of ChatGPT. The generated images were then upscaled and brought into Photoshop for touch-up and color work and formatting for various banner sizes. The edited versions of the originally-framed, ultra-high definition images are available as a free download pack for registered users.

Diamond Dan Publications does not use Generative AI tools to write or develop our publications. Since our founding in 1991, we have prided ourselves in writing bespoke educational content for mineral collectors of all ages and we are committed to continuing a "for humans, by humans" tradition for years to come.